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What is an NFC Tag?

An NFC tag is tiny controller chip semiconductor.  It is not much bigger than the full stop at the end of this sentence.  However, it does have a wire antenna attached so it is able to send it’s data wirelessly.   The instruction to do what it does is pre-programmed and stored on this tiny little IC (Integrated Circuit) chip. As there are no batteries it receives it’s power just by being in close proximity to the Smart phone.

Different NFC chips have different memory configurations and also memory sizes.  This limits how much information can be held on different chips but it also affects how the chip can be locked and other very important factors.

We prefer to offer NFC chips produced by NXP Semiconductors as this is the market leading company.

NFC Tags can be produced and supplied as stickers, branded wristbands, printed fobs, business cards and many other formats


What information can you store?

Different  tags have different memory capacities and depending on whether you decide to encode a telephone number, a V-Card or a Web address (URL).

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