NFC uses

Near Field Communication (NFC) is wireless communication and allows the transfer of data between smart phones and an NFC tag. Commonly, NFC is used to transfer data from one device to another. For instance, NFC technology could be used to transfer data from an NFC tag on a product or poster on to a smart phone.  Or, a Smart phone to a payment terminal or, from an NFC enabled Smart phone to another NFC enabled Smart phone.

As the NFC becomes more widely known and available, uses and benefits are becoming more established:

  • Promotional products
  • Mobile phone task launcher apps
  • Fusion into print and packaging
  • Marketing / advertising
  • Contactless payments
  • Security and access control
  • Product identification
  • Location identification
  • Trade shows and events

NFC uses for promotional activity

Smartphone automation and NFC tags

Modern day Smart phones that are NFC ready can be paired with NFC Tags that are programmed to automate commands. These instructions that are encoded on to the NFC tag itself can offer numerous interactions such as:

Website / URL Launching

A common and successful use for NFC is to encode a URL onto a tag to allow users to visit a website.  Take them to a page to promote a product or service or generate awareness of a promotion. URL launching is a popular NFC use for smart posters, used in advertisement. 

Connecting to Social Media

If you have a desire to have people ‘check in’ or you wish to increase ‘Friends’  or ‘likes’, linking NFC promotions to your Social Media sites is a good way to achieve this. You can place tags with any of your social media logos at your location and make it make it convenient and engaging for your people to update their status. This is an efficient and effective form of engagement… no opening of apps… no searching; just quick and direct updates.

Linking to online videos

If pictures say a thousand words, how much information does a video offer?  As huge fans of the video format (see VideoPak) you can take interested people to your videos on your website or of course YouTube / Vimeo.  A perfect way to endorse your video in a memorable and engaging way.

Sending SMS Text messages

When tapping your NFC tag, it is possible for people to have an SMS message auto created so they can send you a specific message at a specific time.  You can pre-program the NFC tag with any recipient mobile number and with a pre-written text to be sent to that number.. You could also use this to have people send you a call-back request if they are interested in your product / service. (The text will be charged to the user at the users agreed rate with the service provider)

Executing a phone call

When tapping your Smart Phone on the NFC tag, you could have the phone automatically dial a pre-determined number.  No need to enter the number into the phone dialer.  Simply tap the tag and hit CALL. (The call will be charged to the user at the users agreed rate with the service provider)

Creating a Calendar entry (vCalendar)

If you are promoting an event with specific date and you want people to remember that event, it is possible to encode the details of the event onto the tag and when tapped, the Smart Phone will have a calendar entry created. Similarly, if you need to remind people of a deadline or an important date or memo, use this solution for one-time events or even reoccurring events.

Entering a Business Card (vCard) or Contact sharing

Digital / online address books and contact storing is saving people money on business cards and also making contact management a more efficient and convenient.  You can code the NFC tag with your (or any other) contact details and as soon as the NFC is tapped, the information / details will be imported to the users phone. Convenient and effictive.

Creating a email ready for sending

If you need your prospect to send you a quick email, NFC tagging allows this functionality in a super convenient and effective way.  If you want to make it easy for someone to subscribe to your newsletter or to your blog – this offers a powerful way to achieve this.  If you are looking for feedback on an event or on a product, then this is the solution you need. You can pre-fill the email address, the subject line and you can even set a predefined email text.

Other Great NFC instruction commands are:

  • Launching an App
  • Changing phone settings
  • Bluetooth Pairing
  • WiFi connection
  • Plain Text / Show message

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