NFC Chips

Establishing  the chip you need  requires the selecting the chip with enough usable memory for the data you need to encode. The recommended chip from most NFC suppliers is the NTAG213.  This is a common ‘one chip fits all’ solution.


Data Content Memory Used
Text NFC
NFC Innovations
18 Bytes
23 Bytes
30 Bytes
Web Address
16 Bytes
23 Bytes
26 Bytes
SMS 03333 759859 “love your product. Need to know more. Pls contact me” 79 Bytes
Telephone 0044 207 940 6800 19 Bytes
Email Desc – NFC innovative products
Email –
Subject – NFC innovative products
Message – Please send me pricing and info on xxxxxxxxxx
147 Bytes
V Card Contact Name – NFC Innovation
Contact Number – 02078 940 6800
Address – NFC Innovation, Harrow
Website –
179 Bytes
Task Launcher 1 Turn phone to silent 76 Bytes
Task Launcher 2 Turn on wifi and launch an app 118 Bytes
Task Launcher 3 Wifi on, phone to silent and launch an app 122 Bytes
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