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Key Benefits of NFC

NFC offers a vast range of benefits to businesses and consumers such as:

  • Interactive, novel and engaging:  NFC is a way that forward thinking companies can interact with customers and prospects
  • Intuitive: NFC interactions are very straight forward requiring just a ‘tap’
  • Versatile: NFC is convenient and relative to a wide range of sectors, environments, and uses
  • Open and standards-based: The creative layers of NFC technology follow universally implemented ISO, ECMA, and ETSI standards
  • Technology-enabling: NFC can command quick and efficient setup of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)
  • Secure: As NFC transmissions are only active by touch or a close range of a few inches
  • Compatible: NFC works with existing contactless card technologies
  • Security-ready: NFC has built-in capabilities to support secure applications

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