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NFC Innovation is part of the Fuse Innovation product range.

Fuse Innovation is a privately owned production agency specialising in the design, development and mass-production of engaging and innovative PHYSICAL-DIGITAL products used for marketing and promotions.

“the Fuse journey”

With offices in South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand we offer a seamless global supply chain with our manufacturing partners around the world.

Our product innovation journey began with creative packaging for CD & DVD and evolved into creative flash-memory based products such as SD card and Custom shaped USB’s.

With a growing client base of top brands and leading Agencies, our quest to design and develop innovative products lead us to manufacturing the Marketing Communication product Digital Key and the global product sensation that is VideoPak.

With a demand for video and engaging digital media within the retail environment, we developed the DSD box and a range of e-paper products and now, as mobile technology continues to surge into the involvement of our daily lives, we proudly add Promotional NFC to our product range.

A technology evolves and markets shift and change, we will continue to be at the forefront of innovative technology for marketing communications and product promotions.

As the leader in communications that connect digital and real world media, we believe that innovation and product manufacturing is our talent. We are continuously investing in bespoke applications and proprietary technology. We also believe that consumer interactivity and engagement is key to bridging the gap between an ever-changing media environment and successful campaign execution.

As we continue to.develop bespoke solutions that seamlessly take audiences to the next stage of the brand journey we have consistently delivered response rates and engagement rates that exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

We understand that people prefer concise and interactive information that allows them to move effortlessly between channels. Audiences like to explore further and feel rewarded, and when they are rewarded it contributes to effective behavior change. Our analytical tools provide campaign focus to ensure business decisions are based on real and accurate data.

We work with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and agencies to create intriguing experiences based on a proven understanding of what drives people to engage with out products.

Our Specialties include Engagement Marketing, Creative Development, Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing and Promotion, Production & Fulfilment, Consumer Behavior, Print, Direct Mail and Direct Marketing.

We work with just about every business sector that is out there and enjoy working with both global leaders and start up companies…

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